#NSNation Nutrisystem: Week 1 Weigh In

I love Nutrisystem! Really! The food is much better than I expected it to be, and I was expecting the worst. I already have my favorites and some that I don’t think I’ll be ordering again.. I really like the muffins and bars for breakfast, and the bars and soups for lunch (which I pair with a delicious salad).

I also LOVE the Nutrisystem app! I downloaded it to my iPhone and it has helped me SO much! I am able to track my meals, my water intake, my weight and measurements, and my workouts. The meal planner is my favorite feature of the app, it has all the Nutrisystem meals to choose from and tracks my caloric intake! There is also a journal section of the app which I use to make notes of the foods that I really like and the ones not so much! :)

At first, I thought I was going to starve. The meals are perfectly portioned (which I am NOT used to) so it has been an adjustment getting my body used to less food. I decided to cut out ALL beverages, besides water. I was a big soda drinker so I knew it was going to be a challenge. But… I’m doing it!

Is anyone dying to know if this whole Nutrisystem thing is really working?! Well… IT IS!! For week one I am down 3.5 pounds! I honestly couldn’t believe it! Happy dance! I am excited for next week’s weigh in!

Goals for next week:
• drink even more water
• complete days 3-10 of the 30 Day Shred

I came across this great blog that is full of great recipes that go along with Nutrisystem meals and I am excited to explore some of the recipes!

In other news… My switch to wordpress starts tomorrow! Please bare with the mess that I’m sure my blog will be over the next couple of days. I am so excited to be transferring to wordpress, I hope you all follow me over and get ready for some fabulous giveaways once Mama B is all settled in!

Thinking about joining Nutrisystem or at the very least learning more? You can check it out here or call 1-888-853-4689. Nutrisystem is supplying me with my meals free of charge as a part of their Nutrisystem Blogger Program. All opinions are 100% mine and no monetary compensation was given. I will always give you my honest opinion of the program!


  1. Mommy Boots says:

    You can do it! NutriSystem sounds awesome!

  2. Great job!!! That app looks awesome too, probably makes it a lot easier :)

  3. Emily @ Baby Dickey says:

    Oh my gosh, 3.5 lb in one week?! That's so great–and I had no idea they had an iPhone app, that's awesome! Great job, mama!

  4. 3.5 lbs in one week is amazing!! You are a rockstar! So glad you are a part of our Nutrisystem family!!

    hugs Meredith

  5. Great job!! Keep it up. That app makes me want to try it alone!

  6. WOW 3.5lbs is AMAZING! You're making me so excited for my weigh in day!

  7. A Mom After God's Own Heart says:

    Very excited for you! I am in week 3 of NS Canada! Have lost just over 6lb already! Can't wait to see what your journey is like!


  8. That number is incorrect, lol. I called and they said, "You've called the United States Army." I was like, "What??"

  9. I just figured it out! You have the last two numbers backwards!

  10. ah! lol. thanks so much!

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