Stokke Xplory Review & Giveaway!

I have been obsessed with this stroller for… ages. I’ve lusted over it when I’d see it in the mall, I’ve blogged about the stroller love I have for it, and when I finally received one for review? It was everything I thought it would be. And more.

This is the stroller that causes stroller envy. The Cadillac of strollers. The Stokke Xplory offers the perfect fit from head to toe. The Xplory lifts your child closer allowing you to explore together. Stokke Xplory grows with your child and it’s the only stroller you’ll ever need. Can you tell I’m in love?!

My Stokke Xplory review started off pretty well. It arrived in a huge box and was fairly easy to put together. Although there are a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from, I decided to go with the Beige because it’s gender neutral and will be perfect for any future babies. The Beige is gorgeous and will look good next to pink or blue!

I quickly got frustrated when I couldn’t figure out how to fold up the Xplory. I thought I was following the directions to a T, but it just wasn’t folding! I googled and watched YouTube videos to see what I was doing wrong. After some more trial and error, I finally figured it out and now I can’t believe how easy it is to fold!

Check out the fabulous Xplory features:

» Brings the child up close to the parent to stimulate bonding and development.
» Fits all table heights in cafés/restaurants.
» Adjustable footrest with ergonomic design.
» You can adapt the foot rest position as the child grows.
» The adjustable baby pad provides an extra cushion that reduces the seat depth to fit the smallest babies.
» 2-way sitting.
» Facing parents for bonding, interaction and security.
» Facing the world to explore when the child is ready.
» 3 positions facing parents: Sleep, rest and active.
» 2 facing forward: Rest and active.
» Soft padded seat makes for a comfortable ride.
» Height and angle adjustable handle with ergonomic design.
» Five–point safety harness.
» Included shopping bag attaches to base of the stroller.

We put this quick video together to show some of these features.

One very lucky Mama B reader is going to win a Stokke Xplory! That’s a $1050 value!


  1. Jessica Beard says:

    I’d love the red one for my son. He likes to be able to look all around!

  2. I would choose red! I have always wanted a red stroller!

  3. Kate Schuett says:

    I have an old stroller and would love a new one for my newest little guy! Would pick red when I win:)

  4. Angela Gbekpa says:

    I’d love to win for my baby due in february. I like the beige!

  5. I would choose the gray so it can be used with any more kids we decide to have after this one (coming in just a few days!)

  6. Candace Kunstman says:

    I love the fact that you are so close to the baby when she’s in the stroller – this looks fantastic! I’d pick the light green colour I think.

  7. Jessica Wartman says:

    I would like the red one if I won…I’m a nanny and strollers are my tools :-)

  8. Kristin Bertsch says:

    I love strollers in general. Ithibk beige makes the most sense for us.

  9. Sarah Ashkar says:

    I would choose red, only because they don’t have orange. :)

  10. I would love to win this and give it to my niece and nefew who are expecting in a month!

  11. Keely Purvis says:

    I would choose beige :) Would love to win!

  12. mary manning says:

    I’ve never seen anything like this and this would be the biggest help for baby #5! I love everything about it, especially that it comes in green!

  13. Jennifer J says:

    I’d choose red if I won. I’d be so blessed to win this stroller for my little girl!

  14. this would be an AMAZING prize I have never even heard of this til’ your blog! such a wonderful review! I would pick a RED one so that I can use it with any gender =) thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  15. Aliya Vigdor says:

    id love the beige one, mine is starting to give out =[

  16. I’m a first time mommy to be! My baby boy is due December 14 and since I will not be having a baby shower all the expenses our on me and my husband so a free amazing stroller would be great! I would choose the blue! :)

  17. We need a new stroller so badly. Our old one is over 10 yrs old now & been through 3 kids. It’d be nice to have *something* new for our surprise baby. The purple is gorgeous.

  18. ronda peyton says:

    i would love to win this for my grandchild that is due in april would love the red one
    rondasieg at yahoo dot com

  19. Brenda A. says:

    The purple is the best!

  20. I would chose the purple stroller. Because I had my first little girl ever, and it’s been so much fun having more color options and products I can try now! (Note: I love my boys of course. But I can’t do their hair in pig tails and glitter them up-too much. ha)

  21. Posted in the wronG spot because DARNYOU,iPHONE! :)
    I want to win because we are TTC baby 2, and well, have you SEEN that awesomesauce?! Would choose something neutral, but not black because we live in Florida!

  22. Ooooh! Lovely! I would love to have the stroller for it’s convenience with one-hand pushing and I really like how baby sits up high when facing mama. Classic black for me.

  23. I would choose Beige!
    Thank you for the very helpfull review. It helped me a lot.

  24. Jennifer Green says:

    I would choose tan or black!

  25. Jamie Anderson says:

    I LOVE the Beige. I would like to win this because I could really use it. I have a very outdated stroller, and with one infant and now we’re trying for another…this would come in pretty handy.

    Jamie Anderson
    msjamesteagall@yahoo dot com

  26. Myniece has one child still in a stroller and another on the way. Another stroller would come in so handy for her. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

  27. Rachel Marshall says:

    I have a 5 month old and would LOVE to get this stroller. I currently have two strollers but am still searching for the perfect one, but can’t afford or justify buying new ones until I find the right one. This one looks amazing and it would fit all of my needs! I would pick red!

  28. I LOVE the lime green stroller! Wow! And, I love that my baby can FACE me OR the world — great stroller!

  29. This would be really nice with my 3 month old.

  30. I’d like to win because this would be great for my kids

  31. I love red so that is the color I would choose. I love how modern the stroller is.

  32. This stroller looks awesome! I’d Love to have a stroller that gets my LO closer to me!
    The blue looks pretty.

  33. Bethany Eskro says:

    I also experience stroller lust when I see this at the mall. I would LOOOVE to win one of these because I would never be able to buy one for myself but it would be SO amazing to have. And that lime green color? To die for!

  34. lynn clayton says:


  35. Jennifer Storment says:

    I’d choose blue or green! AWESOME stroller; I’d love to win because this is, by far, the coolest stroller I’ve ever seen but could never afford one otherwise.

  36. Chavy Abelesz says:

    I would love to win a beige or black!!!! So modern, with an edge!!! Love it!!

  37. I would choose the black, and I would enjoy this stroller I think. I saw lots of good reviews on it.


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