Desserts.. On a Stick!

The craze with cake pops lately has been… well, crazy! It’s such a genius idea: cake on a stick. They are the perfect bite size balls of cake and are so much fun to make. And eat! But, this got me thinking. What other desserts have people dared to put on a stick?! I turned to my trusty new addiction, yep, you guessed it: Pinterest and discovered a whole world of desserts on a stick. I’m in love. Here are some of my favorites..

{S’mores on a stick. So easy a caveman could make it!}

{Apple Pie Bites. Pure genius.}

{Macaron Pops, yum!}


Source: via Sue on Pinterest

{Margarita Popsicles. SHUT UP. Does this count as dessert?}

{These brownie pops are adorable!}

{Chocolate and caramel pudding pops. YUM.}

{Pop tart on a stick, I need one.}

{SO cute. Adam would love these pancakes on a stick!}

{*Loving* these Oreo cookie pops!}

Are you loving (or hating?) the “on a stick” craze?! Which one is your favorite!?

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