So Good, So Sweet Moment: It’s A Girl!

After announcing that baby number three was baking away, back in December, the countdown for our “big” ultrasound was on. I went back and forth on it for weeks, “Do we find out?!” and ultimately decided that I had to know. I’m not good with surprises ;)  

I was asked over and over what I thought I was having. My mama intuition must have been broken because I had absolutely no feelings on whether or not I was carrying another sweet baby boy or a little princess. I forced myself into believing that it was another boy. I would have been over the moon, regardless of the sex, to have another healthy baby but part of me really wanted a daughter. I knew this baby would complete our family, and the baby factory would close up shop, so I convinced myself that baby #3 was a boy just to avoid any disappointment. 

The day of our ultrasound, at exactly 18 weeks gestation, started off really stressful. Over bookings in the imaging department meant they needed to reschedule. I’m not quite sure why (hormones?) but I burst into tears. I had been looking forward to seeing our baby for the first time! Luckily, there was a cancellation and we were able to squeeze in, only an hour after our scheduled time.

As soon as the tech placed the little wand on my belly to peek at baby and asked if we wanted to know the sex, I got really nervous! Dh shouted “It’s a boy!” and the tech said “Looks like a baby girl to me!” and we were all in shock! We just KNEW it was going to be another boy (well, everyone but Adam who was adamant that it was a girl!) and we didn’t believe her. She confirmed 4 times and even called in another tech to double check. Sure enough? No boy parts! It was a perfect, totally unexpected but oh so sweet moment. 

Right after our ultrasound, we went to the store to get our first baby girl buy: a frilly, adorable pink dress that I used in our gender reveal photo to family and friends.

Three months later and I am still shocked that there is a baby girl in my belly. I cannot wait to meet her. She will have two big brothers and a daddy to look after her, isn’t she lucky!? ;)  


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