Home Sweet Home!

After 10 long days in the NICU, Sophia was finally well enough to be discharged yesterday! Oh, my happy heart! Bringing my baby home was simply amazing. Seeing her brothers love on and adore her just melted my heart! She is nursing like a champ, super cuddly, and we are kind of obsessed with her!

She was sent home on caffeine meds to help her premature lungs catch up and an apnea monitor. It’s a slightly smaller, portable monitor like the one she was connected to 24/7 while in the hospital. It’ll monitor her heart rate and breathing so we will know right away if she has any more breathing episodes. It’s not ideal, but it’s far better than staying in the NICU (the alternative) and kind of gives me peace of mind until her lungs are all the way caught up.

We couldn’t have had a better NICU experience. For reals. The nurses and doctors were nothing short of awesome, caring, and even though I wanted her home with me from day one, I knew she was in the best hands. I am so grateful and have lots of ‘thank you’ goodies to bake!

I have entirely way too much to catch up on. I want to share Sophia’s birth story, more about her NICU stay, and all the reviews/giveaways still left in the “Baby Must Haves” event but I am also enjoying these baby cuddles and spending time with my family so everything is on the back burner for now. We are thoroughly enjoying our baby moon ;) I promise to get back into the groove of blogging soon!


  1. Tanya Howard says:

    Adorable children! What a cutie baby! You are doing a great job!! <3

  2. Though this post is from June, I just wanted to say that I’m glad your Sophia was discharged from the NICU and you are able to enjoy her and like you say, obsess over her at your own home. Who wouldn’t obsess with a baby like her! She looks so cute and that full black hair head of hers just makes anyone who sees her picture melt. I’m glad your sons are enjoying her too! I think she’s your only girl correct? It must be so great to have boys and a girl, you now have experienced how it is to raise both  I’m expecting my first (a boy) in 3 weeks :)

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