July in Rewind

summer vacation

Whew! It's insane how quickly this year is flying by - August already!? We've had quite the busy last several weeks! First, we moved! Goodbye Florida, Hello Michigan! The kids are handling their new environment beautifully and we are surrounded by family and old friends. Going back home is bittersweet for sure, but amazing things are on the horizon for my little family! This … [Read more...]

Goodbye mom jeans!

chunky cardigan

Right before BlogHer'12, I entered into a contest to win a Windows Style Makeover sponsored by Microsoft. My entry was all about how once I had children, I lost my sense of style. The prize was absolutely fabulous, five grand prize winners would receive a fashion and Windows makeover including: the Samsung Slate computer with Windows 8, a fashion consultant with celebrity "wearapist" Jeannie Mai, … [Read more...]

#BlogHer12 Bound with LifeLock!


Tomorrow, bright and early, Sophia and I will be boarding a plane to New York City for the annual BlogHer Conference! I'm so excited to meet new people, brands, reconnect with old blog friends, and network! I am so thankful to my sponsor, LifeLock, for the opportunity to attend BlogHer and represent them. While I'm gone, the lovely folks at LifeLock are throwing a fabulous Twitter party with some … [Read more...]

Help! I had kids and lost my style! #windowstyle

mama style

Now that Baby Sophia is almost 6 weeks old, I'm determined to get my body and my style back. Well.. maybe I never really had "style" per say, but once I had kids, everything cute and trendy was replaced with frumpy and comfy. If you were to come to my house unannounced, you'd find me like this... Mom hair, sweat pants, no makeup. Not a good look. But hey, at least the baby is cute! … [Read more...]

The Road to #BlogHer11

murphy usa snacks

Because I am such a procrastinator (maybe it's because I work so well under a time crunch?!) I waited until the very last minute to pack for BlogHer'11. I had to be at the airport at 5:30am and finished packing at 2am. Yes, I had a nice 2 hour sleep before jetting across the country for BlogHer. Silly me. I could say that next year I will pack at least a week in advance, but I'd be lying! On the … [Read more...]

iPad2 or $500 cash #giveaway! Choose your prize!

mama b blog giveaway

I leave for BlogHer tomorrow! I am so excited! I am happy to announce that I (along with my fabulous roomies and bloggy friends Baby Dickey and Little BGCG) will be representing Shari Criso at BlogHer 2011. Shari Criso is the expert behind the awesome live web show, My Baby Experts.  The show is dedicated to helping moms and every week there’s a new topic. Previous topics have included: … [Read more...]

I want to get Yummie-fied at #BlogHer11

blogher 2011 badge

Ok, it's no secret that I'm trying to lose weight. I've actually been trying for quite some time but a combination of stress, good food, and lack of will power have always gotten in my way. I'm a foodie. That's why dieting is hard for me. I love to cook and bake (mmm cupcakes) and I always have to indulge in my creations. Well, not anymore. I've recently embarked on a weight loss journey (again) … [Read more...]

#BlogHer11 — I’m Going!

blogher 2011 badge

Ah!! It's July, already! This year is flying by, can you believe I'll have a 4 year old in just 16 days?! I can't! The next couple of months are so jam packed with awesomesauce. I am so excited to be attending #BlogHer11 this year! I had SO MUCH FUN last year and I can't wait to do it again. I have some great roomies (Baby Dickey, Me as a Mommy, Little BGCG, and The Baby Birthing Mama, holla!) and … [Read more...]

A Newbie at BlogHer’10

AHH BlogHer’10!! I am still recovering from all the craziness and intensity that was BlogHer’10 in New York this past weekend! It wasn’t at all what I expected it to be. It was all that and more.As a blog conference newbie (and a blogging newb) I had NO idea what to expect at this conference. I did expect to learn. And network. And build my “brand”. I expected to connect with awesome … [Read more...]

Helloooo NYC #BlogHer10

I just wanted to take a quick second, since I've been neglecting my blog, to say that we made it to New York and are having a blast at #BlogHer10. It is SO awesome! Lucas is being an absolute angel and a great conversation starter as well.We survived our first New York City cab ride! Barely! haha. New Yorkers drive so crazy!! My roomies, @BabyDickey and @MilitaryMama, are beyond awesome, they … [Read more...]

And the countdown begins!

In less than one week, I will be on a plane on my way to BlogHer 2010! I am so excited, but so nervous! I don't think I am "shy" (maybe I am?) but I am so nervous just thinking about all the people I get to meet, I'll finally be able to put a face behind a twitter name or blog, and I will get to interact with companies that I will hopefully be working with in the future! It's insane! There is just … [Read more...]