Medifast Weekly Update

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This update is late, but better late than never right!? This past week I did pretty well. I attended a chocolate party and did not have ONE piece of chocolate and that? Is some serious improvement if I do say so myself! I'm pretty proud of my will power lately! I'll be going to Atlanta in a week for the O You! event and cannot wait. It's an event all about bettering YOU and I'm hoping that I'll … [Read more...]

Medifast Weekly Weigh In

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First, I want to scream say a big thank you to everyone who voted/commented/tweeted for me in the Nature Made contest!  I WON!!!!!! I couldn't have done it without you guys, so thank you!! Now... This past week was about strengthening my will power, and testing it. I am so proud of myself this week because a) I was on my Medifast plan 100% and b) I didn't cave to temptation. I made cupcakes … [Read more...]

Medifast Update

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Being sick for almost two weeks really threw my diet off. I wasn't on plan while I was sick because I could hardly eat anything, which was sucktastic. This past week, I was on plan for about 99% of the time and it was great! I have gotten some questions about what exactly is Medifast? The Medifast  5 & 1 plan (the plan I'm on) is really easy to follow, you eat 6 times a day, once every … [Read more...]

A new me

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I've tried (and failed) at the whole losing weight thing but I'm not ready to give up yet. I mentioned before that I recently started a new weight loss program that is so easy a caveman can do it. Seriously, it's easy. There's no tallying points, counting calories, or any guess work. Medifast has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980 as a safe and effective way to lose and maintain a … [Read more...]

I want to get Yummie-fied at #BlogHer11

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Ok, it's no secret that I'm trying to lose weight. I've actually been trying for quite some time but a combination of stress, good food, and lack of will power have always gotten in my way. I'm a foodie. That's why dieting is hard for me. I love to cook and bake (mmm cupcakes) and I always have to indulge in my creations. Well, not anymore. I've recently embarked on a weight loss journey (again) … [Read more...]

#NSNation Nutrisystem: Week 1 Weigh In

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I love Nutrisystem! Really! The food is much better than I expected it to be, and I was expecting the worst. I already have my favorites and some that I don't think I'll be ordering again.. I really like the muffins and bars for breakfast, and the bars and soups for lunch (which I pair with a delicious salad). I also LOVE the Nutrisystem app! I downloaded it to my iPhone and it has helped me SO … [Read more...]

Losing it with Nutrisystem!

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I am pretty excited to share with all of you that I am now a part of the Nutrisystem family and I will be blogging my journey along the way! It's no secret that I need to lose weight. 20 pounds to be exact. I always say "oh I'll eat better after today", "I'll work out first thing in the morning", blah blah. It never happens. But now it's going to! I am excited and nervous. I am attending the … [Read more...]

McFatty Monday: Take 2

Ok... So I tried this before and failed, but I am giving it another shot...My goal last time around was to look good naked, but now? I'm doing it strictly for me. And, I am keeping it simple, and real. It's no secret that I haven't been feeling too hot lately and in my efforts to work on me, I need to change my habits. I think my weight [149] has something to do with how I am feeling.. Not so much … [Read more...]

Tubby Tuesdays: My Therapy

With #BlogHer10 in less than eight days from now, I really started to focus and resume my exercise routine and diet plan. (Better late than never, right?!) I had to restart the 30 Day Shred today, because I am a major slacker and haven't been doing it at all, but it wasn't so bad! I actually enjoyed it! *GASP!*When I put the kids down for a nap today, I actually wanted to workout! It wasn't like … [Read more...]

Tubby Tuesdays: Slacker Much?!

Hi there.I know. I know. It's been 2 weeks since my last TT post... Even Emily over at Baby Dickey had to call me out. Yikes. I have a bazillion things going on right now that would be GREAT excuses as to why I haven't a) exercised, b) kept eating better and c) told you guys all about it. But I told myself NO EXCUSES!So the reality is this:I went on vacation. I ate. I didn't workout. Ok, I … [Read more...]

Tubby Tuesdays: Shred Head

I have teamed up with Emily over at Baby Dickey to bring you guys Tubby Tuesdays (in place of McFatty Mondays). I didn't want to take credit for something another blogger started and I want to avoid any bloggin' mama drama! Now you can join Em and myself on our tone and tighten journey post baby! Don't we all just wanna look good naked?Sorry you had to witness my pity party last week. It was a … [Read more...]